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emunah women judgesA petition was filed by Emunah against the Committee for the Appointment of Dayanim, demanding that the committee's present composition be invalidated because there is no woman on the committee representing women's unique perspective and voice.

The rabbinical courts are occupied solely by male dayanim, meaning that women's sole means of influencing the dayan appointment process is through the committee that makes the appointments – a committee in which women are able to participate. Women served on the committee when past appointments were made, but a situation has arisen where the current committee has no women members.

To remedy this state of affairs, Emunah submitted a petition to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court issued an injunction against convening the committee until a ruling has been made, and has expressed its dissatisfaction with the present situation, suggesting solutions aimed at including women on the committee.

Subsequent to Emunah's Supreme Court petition, a bill addressing the issue was submitted to the Knesset by Knesset members Shuli Muallem and Aliza Lavie, and Israeli law was amended to the effect that the committee that appoints dayanim to the rabbinical courts must include at least 4 women among its 11 members, in contrast to earlier legislation that did not ensure the presence of even a single woman. Emunah attaches great importance to women's participation in rabbinical court activity, and to the voicing of women's concerns.


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