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Emunah in Israel provides life-changing services to help the most vulnerable children and families to break the cycle of distress, and to build their own rewarding and stable lives and families. World Emunah serves as the liaison and umbrella organisation for all the dynamic Emunah affiliates in many countries throughout the world who raise vital funds to support Emunah’s work in Israel. Our small but dedicated team of professional staff are located in offices in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The Executive Board has responsibility for general oversight. World Emunah is a long-standing and prominent member of the World Zionist Organization.

Emunah, one of Israel’s leading social action organizations, was founded over 80 years ago to help give homes to children arriving in Israel after the Holocaust. It has developed over the decades, always  dealing with the challenges of contemporary society. Emunah’s activities focus on education, social welfare, and societal change through legislation, aiming to strengthen the Jewish family, advancing the status of women, encouraging volunteerism and chesed
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