Emunah at the Forefront of Preventing Domestic Abuse

Emunah’s Kol Kallah (Bride’s Voice) initiative continues to expand.

In the past few months, hundreds of bridal counselors and mikveh (ritual bath) attendants all over Israel have been undergoing special training by Emunah, on a topic that until now did not involve bridal counselors: early identification, during the bridal training or at the mikveh, of signs of abuse and unhealthy relations between the couple.

Our goal is to train these bridal counselors, who meet intimately with a bride just prior to her wedding, to identify in the context of their personal conversation, patterns indicative of domestic abuse, be it physical, emotional, sexual, or financial, and if needed, to point out to the bride that her partner’s behavior is abusive, and to refer her to the appropriate professionals.

The training is not intended to lead to divorces or to cancelling weddings. It is crucial, however, in sometimes saving lives. There are many instances where the right treatment and mutual acceptance can enable a return to a healthy relationship.

Emunah is proud to pioneer in this silent revolution.