Israel at War

Israelis are under attack both physically and psychologically.

Emunah supports the resilience of Israel’s population during this war and beyond.

Israel is at war, following the horrific and barbaric terrorist attacks on southern Israel and faces escalating tension across the entire country. More Jewish lives were lost on a single day than at any other time since the Holocaust. The shock and trauma felt by the whole country is profound and its effects will be long-lasting.

While the brave soldiers of the IDF are defending us physically, Emunah is on the frontline of the psychological war.  Emunah’s 13 counselling centers across Israel, from Nahariya in the north to Sderot and Netivot in the south, are providing vital emotional and psychological support to children, men and women who are deeply affected by the trauma of this ongoing war.  Even though one of our own counselling staff was murdered in the first days of the war, others continue to work from within bomb shelters to continue to provide comfort and build resilience in the population.

Will you partner with us in this vital work? Together we will succeed and strengthen all of Israel!

  • One counselling session for a traumatized child costs $100 with 12 sessions minimum, costing $1,200 per child
  • With the current crisis there are thousands desperately needing urgent counseling, so we are establishing an emergency fund with a goal to raise $100,000 to ensure all those who need help receive it .
  • Help to fund the seniors crisis hotline for Holocaust survivors and other vulnerable seniors a who are alone and afraid  –  $7,500 a month

Every dollar counts!

Any amount you can give is deeply appreciated.

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