A Revolution in Emunah’s Day Care Centers’ Kitchens

Emunah’s new initiative to promote ‘healthy habits from a young age’, is now operative in the 110 day care centers where more than 6,000 babies to three-year-olds are being cared for and educated. They are now benefitting from a kitchen where only healthy meals are being served!

Among other things, the day care centers kitchens removed cornflakes, white sugar, white flour, soup powders, and all kinds of processed food from the daily menu. Instead, tofu, soya, wholegrain bread and many types of legumes were introduced into the menu.

A new recipe book was launched and now all the cooks at the day care centers cook for the children accordingly.  Additionally, the recipe book was distributed to the children’s parents so they can also cook and bake their favorite recipes at home.

This important move has several goals, one of which is to expose the toddlers to a wider variety of tastes, with the understanding that investing in and following a healthy diet at a young age is critical in avoiding obesity and/or diseases in the future.

The process was initiated together with nutritionist Neta Amiri during the last year, with one of its main goals being to achieve the recommended daily intakes of protein and carbohydrates in early childhood.