Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Thanks to Emunah, women are now being trained and certified to be kashrut supervisors in Israel.

Even though there is no halachic (religious law) prohibition for women to be kashrut supervisors, supervisors in Israel have been almost exclusively men.  In 2014, Emunah decided to change that reality, and got the Supreme Court to rule that women may take the rabbinate’s qualifying exams to be a kashrut supervisor.  In 2017, there were only 13 women supervisors.  Today, over 80 women have completed Emunah’s courses.  Emunah has offered courses in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Afula.

In the words of Adv. Tziporet Schimmel, coordinator of the courses, and legal advisor for Emunah,  “I believe with all my heart, that integrating women into the field is important not only for women.  The entire public will benefit, because the qualities and characteristics that women bring with them are very significant. There’s something about a woman’s perspective, in her dedication and in her judgment, which prevents mistakes and improves service.”

Pictured above: graduating class 2020