Ulpanit Emunah Elisheva High School Receives the National Religious Education Award

The Emunah Elisheva High School has undergone a transformation, under the direction of its principal, Dr. Yael Dukow Roitman, and was recently awarded the National Religious Education Award. The school, located in Pardes Chana, focuses on the Torah, arts and the sciences.  The school incorporates not only local students from Pardes Chana-Karkur, where many people from the performing arts have their homes, but also young woman at risk, from more challenging backgrounds, including girls from the Emunah Neve Michael Children’s Village.  These students as well, succeed in graduating with full matriculation diplomas, and the skills needed for full independent lives.

The school sets out to empower its students, inculcating in them the desired to excel, in order to foster the next generation of religious women leaders. The training that the school provides does not remain within the school’s campus. The girls also have opportunities to work on projects in the sciences and cyber technology,  within the community at large.

In the words of Dr. Yael Dukow Roitman, “We are thrilled by the trust that has been given us as winners of the national prize for religious education.  The Emunah Elisheva High School strives for excellence in Torah, sciences and the arts, and we believe that each and every student has the talents to break the glass ceiling, in all of these areas, not only for self-fulfillment, but with an eye to repairing Israeli society at large… Israel society is in need of our girls!”

In the words of Oriyah Yardeni, Director of the Pardes Chana Education Department, at the school celebration, “There is an expression – what is the change you want to see in this world? I wish you, that YOU will be the change we see in the world!”

See the celebration at this link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJBaW5zg-x0