Emunah Crisis Centers and Women’s Refuge

Emunah's Women's Refuge
In 2021 Emunah opened its first Women’s Refuge at a secret location in the north of Israel, in response to the 300% increase in domestic violence across Israel during the corona virus pandemic. Here 12 women and up to 30 children find a place of safety where they are given legal, financial and emotional support to rebuild their lives.
Emunah's Neve Michael Children's Emergency Crisis Center
At Emunah’s Neve Michael Children’s Home in Pardes Hanna there is a Children’s Emergency Crisis Center which is able to provide immediate refuge for a child at risk. Children from all over the country who need to be removed immediately from their home and surroundings are referred to us through the Welfare Department and arrive at our Emergency Crisis Center, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Despite major government budget cuts, our devoted staff works continuously to treat our children. These children are in constant need of professional therapy and diagnostic testing.
Teenage Girls Crisis Center at Emunah Neve Michael
Emunah Neve Michael also houses the first ever Teenage Girls Crisis Center in Israel, providing a safe place for young women at risk aged 13 to 18, who are referred to Emunah by the Welfare Services and need emergency help. We expect 40-50 teenage girls annually. The professional staff evaluates each teenager that arrives and plans an individual treatment program for her. Our objective is to build self-sufficiency in the teenagers, so that they will be able to cope with life’s challenges as mentally healthy adults. The treatment and evaluation is performed by professional experts, psychologists and social workers.

“The Hebrew word Emunah means faithfulness, fidelity, loyalty, not walking away even when the going gets tough, trusting the other and honouring the other’s trust in us. That is what Emunah provides, each and every day, for thousands of disadvantaged children and families across Israel through its network of residential homes, high schools, day care centers and therapy and counselling centres. In doing so Emunah is helping to create bonds of community where none previously existed. It is being there for Israel’s most vulnerable at times when they need it most.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks z’l
EMunah in Israel provides life changing services



Eli, 23, graduate of an Emunah residential home. "When I was 12, my family situation was very bad and social workers suggested I attend the day program at an Emunah children’s home. My days were filled with activities. Emunah encouraged me to be the best I could be, and I worked hard to prove myself. The music teacher believed in me and helped me to see that I have talent and can use music to heal my pain. To study music is my dream and I know, thanks to Emunah, that I can make it come true."
Eli's story
Sivan, student at an Emunah High School. "Emunah doesn’t only provide education. They also provide warmth, strength, and hope. The teachers are really kind. They don’t judge anyone. They accept you as you are. They support you whatever you want to do. Later this year I will start to study computer engineering in college. I succeed because I have a purpose. Building a family. Getting a good job. Being happy."
Sivan's story
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