Machon Beer Emunah

Emunah Machon Be'er Institute
The Emunah’s Machon Be’er Institute combines professional training with Jewish values. Preparing educators to work in the fields of marriage counselling, healthy sexuality, parenting and gerontology. The courses are recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Education. This year we have 141 students.
Adressing modern issues
Tami Samet, a psychologist, is the director of the center for the past six years. Under Tami’s leadership, Machon Be’er has created innovative and very timely courses. Machon Be’er provides a platform to train educators, lay people and professionals to deal with all types of family matters, with an emphasis on modern day issues. The staff are always looking for new and changing dynamics that affect the family.
Teaching Healthy Sexuality
Six years ago, the center created the Healthy Sexuality course. This course is one year of weekly meetings. The course is run female and male separately for the religious and the non-religious. Class size is kept to 20 so that intimate conversations remain open and secure. In this course, sexuality is discussed in a healthy and positive way. Many times, teens (and adults) are first introduced to the topic of sexuality in terms of what can or cannot be done, or in the context of abuse or inappropriate materials. The course in Machon Be’er examines how we build the language of healthy sexuality for teens and adults.

“The Hebrew word Emunah means faithfulness, fidelity, loyalty, not walking away even when the going gets tough, trusting the other and honouring the other’s trust in us. That is what Emunah provides, each and every day, for thousands of disadvantaged children and families across Israel through its network of residential homes, high schools, day care centers and therapy and counselling centres. In doing so Emunah is helping to create bonds of community where none previously existed. It is being there for Israel’s most vulnerable at times when they need it most.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks z’l
EMunah in Israel provides life changing services



Eli, 23, graduate of an Emunah residential home. "When I was 12, my family situation was very bad and social workers suggested I attend the day program at an Emunah children’s home. My days were filled with activities. Emunah encouraged me to be the best I could be, and I worked hard to prove myself. The music teacher believed in me and helped me to see that I have talent and can use music to heal my pain. To study music is my dream and I know, thanks to Emunah, that I can make it come true."
Eli's story
Sivan, student at an Emunah High School. "Emunah doesn’t only provide education. They also provide warmth, strength, and hope. The teachers are really kind. They don’t judge anyone. They accept you as you are. They support you whatever you want to do. Later this year I will start to study computer engineering in college. I succeed because I have a purpose. Building a family. Getting a good job. Being happy."
Sivan's story
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