Mazel Tov to Israel’s new President, Isaac Herzog!

Mazel Tov to Isaac Herzog who was sworn into office today as the 11th President of Israel. President Herzog has a long history with World Emunah, his grandmother Rabbanit Sarah Herzog was a founder and first president of Emunah. His wife, First Lady Michal Herzog is also a true friend of Emunah.

Recently, President and First Lady Herzog met with World Emunah Chairwoman, staff and donors at the WZO farewell to Isaac Herzog before his swearing into Office.

We wish President Herzog great success in his new role and hope that his connection with World Emunah only grows stronger!

**Photographed: Photo 1  (L-R) WZO chair Yaakov Hagoel, President Herzog, Chairwoman of World Emunah Dina Hahn and Arieh Hahn. Photo 2 (L-R) Chairwoman of World Emunah Dina Hahn, Tema Klausner, First Lady Michal Herzog, Judy Cohen and Frances Israel.