Emunah’s Female Graduates Step Up to Serve Our Country

Meaningful army service for women is indeed possible!

Recently, the IDF has opened a unit for women combat soldiers, an outcome of a request by seminary directors whose graduates want to draft into combat units but are deterred due to religious considerations.

Emunah chairperson Liora Minka said: ‘The IDF is doing a good thing in enabling young religious women to do meaningful service and contribute to our nation’s security. The army’s consideration of the religious female soldiers’ needs, creating an opportunity to serve while maintaining their religious way of life, is the reason that many more religious women are choosing to draft into the army and do meaningful service.”

In the photo: graduates of Lapidot-Emunah.  Lapidot-Emunah is a pre-military academy for religious girls that prepares its students for a rich spiritual life and to take responsibility in Zionist-social leadership roles, whether in the army or afterwards