Music therapy for Emunah Neve Landy

Emunah Neve Landy Children’s Village is located in Even Shmuel, and is a residential home for 75 boys at risk aged 6-18.   Many display a variety of behavioral problems, learning disabilities and complex emotional difficulties. The children suffer from ongoing PTSD.  For these boys, Emunah represents their only chance of a normal life. Essential to the rehabilitation of each child is an individual program of study, counseling, therapy and enrichment specially designed to meet the child’s particular needs.

Music therapy is an extremely beneficial intervention for the boys. Through music, children are able to express their emotions and with the expert support of a music therapist they can start to heal.  In music therapy, children work with a wide range of instruments and their voices to create a musical language of their own. This language allows them to express their emotions and to start to relate to the world outside of themselves in a positive way.

We need your support to be able to offer music therapy to every child at Neve Landy who needs it.