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Mishloah Manot Greetings

Sky High property prices in Caulfield have prompted a band of Jews to fly into space in search of more affordable housing... if that sounds far-fetched, don't worry as it's all part of the fun of this year's Emunah Australia Purim Spiel, Star Drek. 

It is the tradition of the past nine Spiels by producer Talia Boltin, there's plenty of humorous lyrics to well-known songs from stage and screen, laced with not-too-subtle references to communal identities and organisations.

With music to hit songs like If I Were a Rich Man, Locomotion and Sweet Tranvestite, Star Drek is an entertaining production which showcases the talent in the community while raising funds for Emunah.

Taken from The Australian Jewish News, March 8th 2018

We take the opportunity to congratulate Emunah Australia on getting Australian Tax deductibility for donations!

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