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Mishloah Manot Greetings

irit blessingsEvery month Emunah's CEO David Hadari reserves a day on his busy schedule to visit a number of Emunah's Daycare Centers.  At the end of such a visit to one of Emunah's multipurpose daycare centers in Northern Israel David related the following story.... "As I was walking around the building, I noticed a list of good wishes for Shabbat written by Irit, one of the children in the center's afternoon program.  Tragically, Irit's mother was killed in a car accident and she lives with her father in abject poverty.

These are the blessings that she chose:

I bless the Shabbat with good luck (mazal tov)
I bless Aba (Dad) on Shabbat that he will have enough food
Myself I bless on Shabbat that I'll have enough rice, which I love
This just brings tears to one's eyes, how fortunate that Emunah is there for Irit.

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