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emunah women ulpana students taxAt present, many women who have completed their high school studies engage in Torah study at the midrashot for women that are located throughout Israel. These women defer their IDF conscription or national service for one or two years so that they can pursue these studies.

By law, these women are entitled to exemption from National Insurance payments for a period of 12months from the time they complete their high school studies (i.e., until June of the following year). In actuality, however, these women begin their national service only in September-October of that year; those who join the IDF start their service even later (due to conscription periods and the army's needs). Thus, some of these women continue their midrasha studies until their conscription/national service begins, but at the same time they are obliged to work in order to fund their National Insurance payments for this period.

Emunah has submitted a bill that would benefit the young women who study Torah at women's institutions after/before their military/national service, by exempting them from tax payments during these years, just as young men studying in mechinot (pre-army preparatory frameworks) and "hesder" yeshivot are exempt from such payments.

It is our hope that the proposed law will benefit the young women who engage in Torah study at midrashot during the period preceding their national or military service.


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