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Emunah Mi'dor L'dor (from generation to generation) Circle

Believing in Israel’s Future, Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow

"Supporting Emunah has always been a priority for us.
Elderly Couple forWebsiteWhether to help the children in Emunah's residential youth villages or to provide quality, affordable daycare for all Israeli families. We know our support has had a tremendous impact on the long-term stability and well-being of Israeli society. Now, by designating a Legacy Gift in our Will, we are assured that our commitment and dreams for Emunah's success will continue into the future."
Tema and Jeffrey Klausner

Now you can ensure that Emunah will be able to continue fulfilling your dreams and wishes for a better tomorrow, for all Israelis.

Invest in the future and create a legacy by including Emunah in your estate plans.

The fruits you plant today will influence and improve lives forever.

Because of You, Emunah has touched the heart and soul of Israel for over 80 years.
Because of You, Emunah has given a home to those in need, love to those who hurt.
An education to those who seek knowledge and hope to those who wish for a brighter future.
You have always cared and believed in the Power of Emunah
Through Emunah's Mi'dor L'dor Circle, you can continue the legacy of giving and caring for Israel’s children and families.

Important points to remember when planning for the future:

  • Talk with your financial planner, lawyer and/or accountant when deciding what to designate, and how. S/he is the best source for assuring that your wishes are met and that all necessary regulations and tax laws are understood and adhered to.
  • Talk to your family and inform them of your wishes. An open discussion with your heirs early on, assures that all parties know your desires and will assist in meeting them.
  • You can add an addendum to an existing Will designating your gift.
  • Make copies of all signed designated gift forms and put them in a safe place, in addition to filing them with your attorney.
  • World Emunah staff is here to help you. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you whenever possible.

This information is meant only for general knowledge. Please discuss your personal situation and financial needs with a competent attorney, account or financial planner.

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By contributing to Emunah, you become our partner in providing vital help to thousands of children and families in Israel.

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