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Children from the Givat Masua Day Care Center in Jerusalem have been lucky enough to have enjoyed 2 years of a special English chug. Each week, Sara the teacher comes in with boundless enthusiasm to teach the children English, sing English songs and enjoy a positive English experience. Due to financial issues the program is looking for a sponsor to cover the costs of this activity. The cost of the teacher is 400 nis a month and the supervisor would like to see the program in 3 of her day care centers. For more information, please contact the World Emunah office. 

Click on the link to view the clip of the class

The staff at the Devorah & Joseph Wineman Day Care Center address the needs of 40 children at risk.  Apart from all the large investments in terms of care, enrichment, values etc, the staff see many children who can't afford the basic supplies for school or gan.  The day care center would welcome donations of backpacks, pencil cases and supplies to be able to give as a gift to their graduating students.  

Cost of backpack and full set of supplies: ₪1800


The center is in need of upgrading the current flooring in all of its play yards from sand to synthetic grass.  Sand is hard to keep clean and unhygenic.  The center has 4 play yards for each classroom.

270 NIS per meter including delivery, installation

A new play yard at the back of the property needs a complete facelift.  New flooring (instead of sand), new climbing toys.  

For a more detailed list of needs and pricing please contact Suzy at the World Emunah office

Images below show the new play yard at the front of the building with new equipment and synthetic grass.  The picture with sand flooring show the old play yard that needs rennovating.

 Cost: 270 NIS /meter

Reading and quiet room renovations.

The new reading and quiet room in Givat Mordechai needs the following:



fixed up ceiling

 Images below show the current inside of the room, and the new wall that was built to create this room (taken from the outside)


This room has no name and is still available for sponsorship.  The approximate cost to fix up the room is 10,000 nis.

For more information and pictures on this project, please contact Suzy at the World Emunah office.


Need new doors in the William & Sarah Laskin Day Care Center, Givat Mordechai Jerusalem  (Includes doors)

Inner front door - (10,000 nis)

2 x single classroom doors (7,000 nis each)  (picture 1 and 3)

1 double fronted classroom door (10,000 nis) (picture 2)

picture 4 shows the new doors with glass insert that have been fitted in the second floor classrooms

All prices are approximate based on previous costings of similar products. For more information about this project, and a full detailed report please contact Suzy in the World Emunah office.


Wednesday, 15 April 2015 10:21

Parochet Program

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New Project in All Emunah Day Care Centers
Emunah Day Care Centers throughout Israel will be
presented this year with a new parochet for every Aron
Kodesh in each day care center as well as new covers for the
chazan stands (see attachment)
A donation of US$ 1,000 will provide a set of a parochet and
cover for one room in an Emunah Day Care Center. The
parochet will be embroidered with a name chosen by the
donor to be honored or to be memorialized
This is your special chance to be a real partner in the
education of the children in the care of Emunah
Please join us in this unique dedication opportunity!

Tuesday, 31 March 2015 07:58

Neve Michael - Small Project Items

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Small fundraising Projects for specific projects:

$30 - Trip to the movie theater (transport, entrance, snack)

$40 - Summertime fun equipment basket (some of the following: goggles, beach towel, beach tote, sun screen, flip flops, tennis racket, balls) (On average each item costs between $5 and $15)

$50-$200 - Cost per child per day for outings during the summer (including transport, food, entrance fee depending on activity and distance.  Some ideas include picnic in park, beach/lake, museum, theme parks, factory visits, zoo, etc  )

$50 - Movie night at Neve Michael - (including movie, screening, popcorn and snacks)

$50 - Special Birthday celebration per child (cake, gift, decorations)

$100 - Special Oneg Shabbat for each Mishpachton (including food, peulah, prizes, games)

$100 - Over night camping trip during the summer (transport, equipment, food, activity)

$200-$400 - Rental of bouncy castles, large inflatable back yard swimming pool, candy floss machines, popcorn machines etc

$250 - Professional photo shoot for each mishpachton (includes individual shots, and assorted group shots with professional photographer - cost may need to cover new clothes depending on each child's situation)

$300 - Shoes for one child for one year (sports shoes, boots, winter shoes, sandals)

$300 - Shabbat outfits for one child for one year (dress pants, button down or polo shirt (long and short sleeve), shabbat shoes, sweater)

$500 - Swimming Lessons for a group of 5 children.  Class meets twice a week for a month



Tuesday, 31 March 2015 07:56

Neve Michael - Bare Necessities Program

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Bare Necessities 
In many cases, when our children first arrive at our Emergency Crisis Center they have nothing but the clothes on their backs. 
At Neve Michael, we service all our children’s needs, from professional services down to the bare necessities. In many cases, when our children first arrive at our Emergency Crisis Centre they have nothing but the clothes on their backs. Keeping our newly arrived children in proper clothing is a top priority. It is also a big morale booster for our children, as it shows them that there are caring adults who are sensitive to their needs. This basic service remains a top priority as our growing children become fully integrated in our Children’s Home.

Unfortunately, we have received little government funding in this most essential area and have no recourse but to rely on the generosity of our kind donors. Our children’s wardrobe needs cover the full range of clothing requirements for growing children, from everyday clothes to clothes for Shabbat and special occasions, including holidays and Bar/Bat-Mitzvahs. Shoes are a constant need, and our supply of shoes has to be regularly replenished; the same goes for our supply of shirts, blouses, trousers and skirts.
Warm winter clothes are urgently needed on a seasonal basis; dresses for our young girls are also a pressing need. And while some clothes are “handed down” from older to younger children, all children deserve to receive a periodic, fresh replenishment of brand new clothing.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015 07:50

Neve Michael - Animal Therapy

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Children at risk who have been through traumas at a tender age are generally frightened, withdrawn, uncommunicative, distant, uncooperative, and suffer from behavioral disorders. In some cases, they do not respond to conventional psychological treatment.
In the course of these programs, we have seen the very same children become confident, open, communicative, cheerful, cooperative, and better adjusted.

Research studies have indicated a clear affinity between children’s relationships with animals and their character development. A child’s empathy with animals can be a model for relationships with people.

Contact with animals encourages our children to bring out positive and sometimes latent character traits such as responsibility and leadership, involvement and decision-making. Through contact with animals our children learn to cope with difficulties such as anxiety and fear, social problems, deprivation and rejection, violence and anger – conditions that stem from their unsteady relationships with their biological parents or their unstable environment.

As a result of participating in these programs, our children develop positive traits such as taking responsibility, caring for others, communications skills, social skills, and improved self-image, all of which are essential for overcoming childhood traumas, rehabilitation and restoration of their spiritual and emotional well-being.

Annual Cost of 2 Pet Therapies: $25,000


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