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Meet Yehuda Kohn, Director of Emunah Bet Saba-Elazraki

Continuing to highlight the Heroes of Emunah, meet Yehuda Kohn, director of Emunah Bet Saba - Elazraki!   Yehuda Kohn, the director and leader of the children at Bet Elazraki since 1991, is everyone´s father, and the spirit of the home. Yehuda is a trained educator and administrator. He devoted... [Read More]



In Memory of Toby Willig z"l

It is with a very heavy heart that we inform you of the death of Toby Willig, Past National President of Emunah America, a Hero of Emunah and a legend in her time. Click here to read the full article in her honor on the Jerusalem Post: www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Toby-Willig-a-legend-in-her-time-539793      [Read More]



Emunah Sarah Herzog Children's Center "Shir Ad" - a musical celebration

This past month, the family of the Emunah Children's Center in Afula celebrated their tenth annual concert, "Shir Ad", in a explosion of musical talent, sound, lights and smiles. Over a hundred of boys and girls from the home took their turns on the stage while proud family members, teachers... [Read More]



Yeshiva of Flatbush Chessed Mission visits Emunah

This month the Yeshiva of Flatbush High School  C hesed Mission led by Rabbi Naftali Besser and Susan Franco,  came to visit the Emunah Day Care Center in Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem. 54 juniors and seniors in high school came to experience Kabalat Shabbat, played with the children and learned about... [Read More]



Emunah - on the road to our next success story with Toyota!

  Emunah Bet Elazraki director and his team has always been driven to do the utmost for our children. Now they can do so in a brand new Toyota sedan donated by Union Motors, the local importers of Toyota. The car will serve to transport children to doctors appointments, home... [Read More]



Upcoming Events in the World of Emunah

... [Read More]



Emunah Events Around the World

Emunah of America took part today in a chesed fair where kids made birthday cards for the children of Emunah Achuzat Sarah!                                                         ... [Read More]



World Emunah at the GA 2017

World Emunah in the forefront Every year the Jewish Federations of North America get together for their annual general assembly (GA) and this year was no different. This year’s GA was held in November 2017 in Los Angeles. And, WE were there! The GA is the annual focal point for... [Read More]



Emunah France Challah Bake 2017

As part of the International Shabbat Project, Emunah France held a Challah Bake. An overwhelming 550 women joined together, sang, danced and prayed together while baking challah. World Emunah Director Shlomo Kessel and Associate Director Frieda Ross spoke to the huge crowd and compared Emunah's special recipe for helping the... [Read More]



Upcoming Events in the World of Emunah

... [Read More]



Meet Yosefa Akler Director of the Emunah Neve Landy Children’s Home

Yosefa Akler  Emunah Neve Landy
Yosefa Akler is a little lady with a huge personality. Yosefa has been the Director of Emunah Neve Landy for nearly 10 years, prior to which she was Assistant Director at the Emunah Achuzat Sarah Children’s Home.  She holds bachelors and master degrees from Bar Ilan University and has completed... [Read More]



Great Neck Chessed Emunah Mission 2017

This month, World Emunah welcomed the first Great Neck Mother Daughter Chesed Mission. A group of 24 mothers and daughters from Great Neck, New York came to Israel for a week. The girls are all students in the North Shore Hebrew Academy. They came with their beloved teacher, Amit Yaghoubi... [Read More]



The Launching of “Sweet-Heart ” - Emunah Afula

Recently, a modern cake baking kitchen was established in the Sarah Herzog Children's Home, Afula, thanks to the generosity of friends of the home and the leadership of director, Yair Daniel. The kitchen was equipped with the necessary electrical appliances and confectionery tools – and Matov Ba’lev (Sweet Heart) was... [Read More]



Breaking the Cycle in the best of British style

British Emunah threw an amazing evening at Guildhall on Monday 6th November. Guest speaker was broadcaster Jeremy Vine, who entertained the audience of 350 people with his witty stories. Musical entertainment was provided by two boys from the Emunah Neve Landy Children's Village who flew from Israel especially for this... [Read More]



Shana Tova to all our friends and members

As the New Year fast approaches the Executive and Staff of World Emunah would like to thank all who work tirelessly for the benefit of the families and children of Emunah. May the coming year be filled with peace, prosperity and good health and may we all continue to strive for... [Read More]



Residential Homes in Crisis

The following is an article was published in the Israeli daily Yediot Achronot about the current dire financial situation of the children's homes in Israel.  Emunah Chairperson Liora Minka, is at the chalk face of this struggle aimed at forcing the government to meet a previous commitment to increase funding... [Read More]



Congratulations are in order

... [Read More]



Beautiful and Talented...

Beautiful and talented Eden, a 17 year old senior, will commence her 6th year at the Emunah Children's Center in Afula in September.  Until recently Eden had no contact with her father but with the intervention of the Emunah team, she met him for the first time.  The meeting was... [Read More]



Welcome to the new Emunah of America President

Johanna Guttmann was born in Belgium, and raised in Los Angeles, but she is a true New Yorker in every sense of the word. Since her college days at Barnard College, she has embraced the City as her own: She graduated with a JD from Cardozo School of Law, and... [Read More]



Meet an Emunah Hero

For many years we have featured the activities and achievements of the many projects and programs run by Emunah. For the next few months we would like to give you some insight into the personalities behind the scenes, the dedicated people who make everything happen.   This month we will... [Read More]



British Emunah appoints a new Chairman

Congratulations to Rosalyn Liss whose appointment as Chairman of British Emunah was announced at the charity’s AGM on Tuesday 4 July, 2017. Rosalyn has been involved with Emunah’s work for many years and succeeds Hilary Pearlman who has stepped down after three years in office, but who now takes on... [Read More]



Dvar Torah - דבר תורה

דבר תורה לחודש אלול Dvar Torah for the Month of Elul It is significant that the תורה portions we read in this season, especially in Elul, are the parting words of Moshe Rabbenu, משה רבנו , before arriving to the Promised Land. It is a time of transition from a... [Read More]



Another Emunah Hero

Meet Yair Solomon- Director of Achuzat Sara Yair Solomon has just begun his second year as Director of Emunah Achuzat Sarah.  Yair is 44 years old, married to Naama and the father of 5 children.  He has a bachelor's and a master's degree in social work and a teaching certificate. ... [Read More]



Dvar Torah for the month of Tammuz 5773 - דבר תורה לחדש תמוז

The first half of the month of Tammuz is a pleasant continuation of Sivan; the month of מתן תורה, the Revelation at Sinai.  Historically it is the time when Moshe Rabbenu is still on the Mountain receiving the Tablets, לוחות הברית.  It is the time when the people are awaiting... [Read More]



Dvar Torah for the month of Menachem Av

דבר תורה לחודש מנחם אב It is always tempting to focus on the “מנחם” part of the month, the prophecies of comfort and consolation of Yeshayhu ישעיהו we read after תשעה באב, but the recent events do not allow this option. בית המקדש, the Temple – What is it? is... [Read More]



Restore our home sweet home at the Emunah Sarah Herzog Children's Home, Afula

... [Read More]



Kol Hanearim volunteers at Emunah Children's Homes

Kol Hanearim volunteers are creating a huge buzz at Emunah Homes.  These amazing young people from the US and Canada are part of a unique program run in cooperation with Emunah of America and Emunah Canada and World Emunah.  The volunteers are staying in Emunah Afula, Emunah Neve Michael and... [Read More]



Summer Renovations

During the month of July Emunah has renovated the playgrounds at one of our Daycare Centers in Ra'anana. As you can see from the photos, there has been a marked improvement. Our thanks to Emunah Basel, lead by the wonderful Naomi Cohen, for their generosity and hard work, in making... [Read More]



Machon Be'er Emunah

Within the framework of the discussion about healthy sexuality, Machon Be'er Emunah recently held a workshop entitled: "Homosexuality within the Religious community". Following are excerpts from the report. “Religion alone and a religious response is simply not enough. When a person with a different sexual orientation, who is in a... [Read More]



State of the Art at Achuzat Sarah

The beautiful new Grosser Therapy Center at Achuzat Sarah was recently dedicated.  The State of the Art Multi-purpose Therapy center was refurbished thanks to the generous support and hard work of Emunah Canada and their donors and will provide the children of Achuzat Sarah with different forms of art therapy. ... [Read More]



The Emunah Big Drop

At the beginning of June Emunah of America went Over the Edge - Chief Development Officer in New York, Laurie Szenicer and Alana Karp together with fifty other brave souls put their lives on the zip line on behalf of the children and families served by Emunah in Israel.  For... [Read More]



An Amazing Achievement

Many of us remember the tragic story of David from Emunah Afula , who during the last fourteen months lost his father and then his brother under tragic circumstances.  TWICE! David sat Shiva at the Emunah Center in Afula, the only home he has. Today, only months later, the resilient... [Read More]



Emunah Neve Landy celebrates..

Emunah Neve Landy celebrates the successful conclusion of another fruitful year. And these are Neve Landy's magnificent six.. graduating this week after many years.  Three of the boys will be going to a mechina, a pre-army preparatory program, two will be joining the army this summer and the hero will... [Read More]



Graduation at the Emunah Beit Weinstein Vocational High School

Emunah Beit Weinstein is a unique school that takes in girls who have given up or been given up on by others.  The school helps them to believe in themselves and their abilities.  One of the most successful streams is a special fashion design department through which the girls learn... [Read More]



Sulamot at the Knesset

This week the Welfare, Labor and Health Committee in the Knesset held a special session focusing on the importance of music in education.  The event features SULAMOT , a unique therapeutic and educational project of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra for children at risk, which first opened at our Emunah Neve... [Read More]



A Touching Story

Every month Emunah's CEO David Hadari reserves a day on his busy schedule to visit a number of Emunah's Daycare Centers.  At the end of such a visit to one of Emunah's multipurpose daycare centers in Northern Israel David related the following story.... "As I was walking around the building, ... [Read More]



ZAHAL Comes to Emunah Neve Michael

25 Kfir combat soldiers came to Emunah Neve Michael to volunteer with the children and enjoyed a "Yom Sport" with the kids. The children all had a fun time playing games with the soldiers and spending time with them.  The commander, Shlomie told me "I know that a few of... [Read More]



Visit to the Supreme Court

They are not really High Court Judges.... Well not yet anyway.. the 11th grade students at Emunah's Torah & Arts High School recently visited the Israeli Supreme Court.  The students even conducted their own mock trial.  Another great day and educational experience made possible by Emunah. [Read More]



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