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20170112getEmunah Women Take Action!  Pictured in a recent article of Yediot Achronot, Israel's largest newspaper, is World Emunah Chairman Dina Hahn (with grey Emunah banner) and, Tsipporet Shimel (next to Dinah), Emunah's legal council for Legislation and Public Affairs, demonstrating in front of the Israeli High Court. On Wednesday, January 11, the High Court heard a petition to overturn a Get that was given by the Tzfat Bet Din to a woman who's husband has been in coma for a very long time. The dayanim were very compassionate in finding a creative solution to this situation and release the spouse from years of being imprisoned in a state of Agunut. Can you imagine her horror when a stranger, instigated by Haredi rabbis petitioned to overturn the decision and rescind the Get?! I call that "sinat hinam". Emunah took a leading stand and we were out there to protest the suit and show our support for the plaintiff.

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