World Emunah Resource Center (WERC)

Videos   click on the above link to view the movie made by Emunah of America for their 2015 gala dinner   above is the link for the Family Counseling Movie including hebrew subtitles  
Boy at Neve Michael singing a solo at the Schwartz Dedication. Click here for link to the video
Click on the attached link to watch the latest movie by World Emunah focusing on Family Counseling Centers.   Movie about the life of a woman who was abused as a child, and then entered an emotionally abusive marriage.  The story talks about her past,…
Movie videod during Protected Edge (Zuk Eitan) in the summer 2014.  The movie is too large to upload here, but for those interested in seeing this, please contact the World Emunah Office.  p/vidoes/zuk eitan blurred faces
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